Our Journey

Hello RiRaw!

How did it all begin, it feels like quite a whirlwind. But back in 2014 we lost a very treasured family member, Mr Fiz. Now he was not a pedigree just your average Mutt. The thing with Mr Fiz was that everyone loved him… with the exception of the post man and couriers. Like many pet parents we fed what we thought was a great diet. We bought the best in food and treats, but unfortunately his overly processed diet actually added to his long list of ailments and he died. Heart broken we wanted to look at other ways of feeding our dogs and so we started to look at a natural unprocessed diet.

We all know that fresh unprocessed foods are best, and when we looked at the dog food bag and saw not fresh ingredients but a list of things we were stunned!. At this point there was a penny drop moment and we changed our dog feeding habits.

We wanted to buy natural treats and could not find any using Irish meat, everything appeared to have travelled from all over the world and especially China. Again time to ponder why, we are a nation that has a rich tradition of farming. Indeed we produce the best grass fed beef in the world….HMMMM LIGHTBULB moment!

So RiRaw started and I have not looked back. I love the simplicity of drying great Irish meat and chicken. It’s a buzz to say we use MEAT not INGREDIENTS and our ingredient list stops at one ingredient, simply the meat. Its also fully traceable back to the farm and the farms are all local to us in Co Cavan. Something else we pride ourselves on is the fact that we only ever use human grade meat never condemed meat. It is very important to us that we use the best meat possible as thats what your dog deserves. 

All of our treats are single protein. We discovered that many commercial treats contain a mix of meat types. But with ours you can choose a meat type and that is what you will get!

Our range will expand to include more functional treats, but no nasty stuff will ever be in them!

We hope you love our treats as much as we enjoy making them 😊

All the best
Sarah  xx

(Photo:) Sarah Hannon, RiRaw Healthy Pet Treats

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