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Hello from the RiRaw Crew!

Published on 3rd Jan 2019 at 13:00 by Sarah Hannon

Here goes our first Blog post! What can you expect if you decide to read us? Well, first off the bat we are not experts. I know a lot about dog treats, I know what makes dogs slobber with excitement in anticipation of a treat. So in the main, we will concentrate on this area! However maybe you should know a little more about me... so here goes.

Who are we? Well, I am Sarah, dog mum to 3 furry idiots (Mel, Jules and Molly). I also own 4 teenagers... the dogs are easier! Starting the business is like having a 5th child and at the moment it is a boisterous toddler that needs shaping and teaching some manners!

This probably was the bravest thing I have ever done, my career was with a number of corporates in the HR and sales space so this was a departure going on an adventure (actually it's a bit like doing a black ski run in blindfold goodness knows where you are going to end up). I am totally passionate about every aspect of RiRaw. Even when I complain that I have a to-do list longer than my arm, which never seems to decrease.

This year is going to be a busy year, the factory is now coming on stream there will be more staff to recruit and we will be growing our business. Based in Ireland we always have a focus on export and there are countries I really want to sell to. We are already in UK, Switzerland and a little bit in the States...where next! Watch this space.

The big ethic of RiRaw is never to compromise on the raw material. We have amazing produce here in Ireland. By partnering with some of Irelands best processors we can bring that through in our treats. You won't ever find the meat of foreign origin, it's all traceable back to Irish farmers. In addition, you will never find any preservatives, grains or additives. I am proud that you will see a very short ingredient list on our packs... generally its one ingredient. Unless you purchase a functional treat and then it's the seaweed that we use to mix with our meat.

Last year, 2018 was an amazing year for us, we got our guaranteed Irish status which means that over 90% of our product is Irish. We were also awarded our Best New Business award for Cavan. Bring on 2019 let's see where this business goes next!

Riraw animation

Husky Nordic Dogs

Jett and Ara love natural treats and wait very patiently for them.

Poodle Dog

Mr Dorian Grey who just loves his Chicken and pork jerky's and will happily pose for pictures!

Bichon Frisse Toy Dog

Meet Minnie, she is full of fun and just loves a pack of Chicken jerky to munch on!

Husky Pack Nordic Sport Dogs

These guys compete in Nordic dog sports of cannicross, scootering and bikejore. Their favourite treats are RiRaw

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