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RiRaw Launch a chew Range

Published on 2nd Apr 2019 at 16:00 by Sarah

Here in RiRaw HQ we are never quite happy to rest up and take it easy, always plotting new ideas for making treats (plenty to roll out in 2019). When reviewing what we have in the treat format at the moment, there is something for everyone's pup. The range is great for everyday rewards whether for training (chicken and kidney krisps) or the larger ones in Liver and heart. 

It is important to listen, our customers have helped us on so many occaisons over the last 4 years. The one constant that I am always asked is whether we make anything for a dog who wants to chew. Now we have grown into a factory we can finally do something about these requests. Many of our lovely customers want something that is not easily eaten in a second, but could be used for enrichment feeding or a just a general dental workout. HMMMM I thought, and thats it the brain has to start working!

It might appear a simple ask, a chew range, and I guess in some respects it is. However, we do need to consider how easy it is to get hold of the materials we needed! Sometimes this is more problematic than its sounds. This is because we have a strict ethos of having traceability and also only using Irish suppliers. No meat from outside Ireland is used in any of our products, not all of our suppliers would have the "items we want".

The one thing we do well is persevere and finally after many months of sourcing and experimenting, I think we have come up with a range which will keep our customers happy. So whether its a full beef trachea which can be stuffed for enrichment, or perhaps a beef pizzle (which we fondly call our Wonky Willies because they are dried naturally not cut they are a little weird in shape!), Cows ears are in the mix, paddywack which is ligament from the cows neck and then defatted beef skin which makes a really hard chew and will keep most dogs amused for a while.

We will of course add to this as time goes on, I want to put in some chicken feet next.....If there are items you would like to see don't be afraid to reach out. Happy to listen to anyone :)

Meanwhile to celebrate the launch of our chew range we are giving a 10% discount on chews (one must be paddywack) just enter the voucher code RiRawChew at checkout. This will be valid for the month of April.

Remember too we love to see pictures of your dogs with our products.....Its why we started this business to bring joy and health to dogs!


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Jett and Ara love natural treats and wait very patiently for them.

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