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Published on 28th May 2019 at 11:30 by sarah



There can be no doubt that the landscape of being an owner of a pet has changed. We are now referred to as Pet Parents. This is beause we are now keenly aware of the role our animals perform in our lives. They are simply put family.

The new pet parent spends alot of money looking afrer the welfare of their pet. However with trips to the vet for annual vacinations and expsensive processed diets often prescribed by vets, why are our pets (in this instance dogs) dying younger year on year. Its an interesting question. We are told that we should not eat an over processed diet becayse its not good for our health. Yet we have done the same to our dogs. Imagine being told you will eat only one type of cereal for the rest of your life!

Whilst its ture that RiRaw do not offer anything other than treats. We do think that we create the best treats on the marlet. Let me explain why that is.

We started RiRaw 4 years ago, on the basic premise that simple high quality treats that never mix meat types, created carefully without the use of any additives were something that the market needed. We set about making them.

Its important we only use the finest human grade meat that is in recogniseable organ types, We d not use derivatives, opting for organ meats. In addition we only partner with processors that have full traceability back to the farmer. In the case of Beef the beef in Ireland is grass fed and not indoor raised. Why? the average farm in Ireland is less than 100 acres, and indoor raised beef means alot of investment, which the smaller farmers do not have. In addition the farmers here also tend to be part time, raising a few cattle. It therefore follows that outdoor raised cattle are easiet to produce and more natural.

This finest quality meat is at the forefront of what we do. Simply put we do not compromise on this in our treats. 

Our process carefully uses dehydration to remove moisture in our products, it is on this basis that we have a certified shelf life of 6 months on our products. We think 6 months is incredible for a totally natural product using no preservatives or additives of any type. As a pet parent buying our products when you read our back labels you will only find one ingredient....The meat!

You can choose which meat type and we will never mix our meat types why? This means you can choose which one fits in with your dogs diet. Its worth noting that many commerical meat types do mix proteins often with cheaper meats or derivatives. Look at the percentage amounts of the main meat are list on the packs you have purchased. We only have one ingredient so its easy to see how much human grade food you will be feeding your dog.



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