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Why Natural Treats?

Published on 3rd Jan 2019 at 17:00 by Sarah Hannon

As a business which is passionate about natural treats. I thought it would be a good idea to explain why we feel this way about them. After all the big commercial companies (those that must not be named! I am sitting watching Harry Potter, so maybe the big guys are my Voldemort!) have been producing treats which have been eaten by dogs for years with seemingly little problem. The dog is natures vacuum. This is true, but dogs are being seen with numerous health issues because their diet is over processed.

So let's talk cereal and dogs: Pet food manufacturers tend to use the less digestible grains in their products. Let's be blunt it's because it's cheaper and not chosen for its benefits to the dog but for the profits of the manufacturer. Why because meat is expensive, especially the good meat! The cereal acts as a bulking agent, and in some dog food products, it can be up to 80% of the total product. Given that dogs are primarily carnivores that's not great. Also a bit of a swizz to the unsuspecting pet parent who thought that the food they were feeding is not all its cracked up to being. There are some good grains out there, such as rice it's digestible, and it's gluten-free.

Let's look at additives, the best way to see the ingredient's in your dog's commercial food is of course to study the pack. Many well-known brands provide you with a list as long as your arm many of which you will not recognise... what is a meat derivative? In essence, a derivative refers to animal protein. What protein is another matter because the large companies buy whatever is cheapest at the time. The problem is that given quality can vary from batch to batch and this can affect dogs with intolerances to certain protein types.

We know ourselves when we eat an overly processed diet we often feel sluggish imagine what that does to your dog, for its lifetime? Moreover, what if you were to only eat one brand of cereal for the rest of your life? I bet that would not do you too much good and the boredom would soon set in. Think about a fresh diet full of colour and flavours, we feel better and we can enjoy better health. So why is it so difficult to do this with our dogs? There are lots of choices available to feeding dogs, Raw, kibble, kitchen table scraps so which one is best? The answer I think is what best suits you and your dog. However, remember that even your dog will welcome some variety and the odd tin of sardines in the kibble is a nice treat or even and egg. My dogs love a bit of Sunday roast dinner!

RiRaw is committed to providing a great range of treats through the oldest preservation method dehydration. In short, it is a process of removing moisture. The process is a fine balance, as moisture is not my friend and really impacts on shelf-life of the product. Dehydration preserves nutrient values so its amazing for our treats. Single protein treats, implies that we do not mix our meat types. This is for a couple of reasons: 1. owners can choose a treat which suits their dog's dietary needs. 2. gives a great selection to choose from!

What sets RiRaw Apart then? It goes back to the argument that the less "mucked about with" or over-processed food is, the better it is for us and that is exactly it. Look at the ingredients on a RiRaw pack, and you will see a surprisingly short list. Nothing except the meat in the pack, so you can confidently feed your dog something good knowing it has no preservatives, additives or grains. Our customers know that when they order a treat variety that is exactly what they will get.

This is why we are passionate about treats because it is important to offer our customers and our own dogs a 100% Healthy Natural Irish Meat treat, all from human grade meat. These treats are also traceable right back to the farmer that produced them.

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Husky Nordic Dogs

Jett and Ara love natural treats and wait very patiently for them.

Poodle Dog

Mr Dorian Grey who just loves his Chicken and pork jerky's and will happily pose for pictures!

Bichon Frisse Toy Dog

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Husky Pack Nordic Sport Dogs

These guys compete in Nordic dog sports of cannicross, scootering and bikejore. Their favourite treats are RiRaw

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