The best selection of Irish meat treats, which are fully traceable back to the farmer. All carefully dried for flavour and goodness!


Irish Beef Paddywack


Paddywhack is a long-lasting satisfying chew treat for your dog that helps to reduce tartar and maintain their teeth and gums. 💚 Natural chew made from neck ligaments and high in protein. 💚 Made from Irish Beef, fully traceable and bacteria tested. 💚 As with all our treats we think doing as little as possible to them is best and we don't add anything to preserve or enhance the treat. These are sold in singles and multi packs of 5 and 20.

Option Details

Available as a single Irish Paddywack or packs of 5, 20 and the NEW Paddywack Strips, suitable for smaller dogs available in 500g bags.

Option Details

Same great chew just a multiple pack, ideal for multi dog house.

Option Details

These are ideal if you are a multidog house and need to purchase in bulk. Our same amazing Irish traceable paddywack chews.

Option Details

Same great paddywack just cut into strips better for little mouths.

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